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The STA SPEX Tennis Scheme is the largest tennis development in Singapore.
Classes are conducted by a team of experience coaches.
For enquries, please call

Poh: 9180 4336

Kamis: 9824 3856

Have you ever thought about trying tennis?

Maybe you have been put off by some of the things you hear: that it's difficult to play, too expensive or hard to find a court...Well, we want you to give tennis a go and this is why...... Tennis is a fun, healthy, social, exciting, energetic, challenging, addictive, inclusive and accessible game.



Order of Play

1. The ITF tournament rules will be applied in conjunction with this tournament’s rules. The organising committee reserves the right to change the rules in anyway it deems fit and to reject any entry without assigning a reason.

2 Competitors play at their own risk. The organising committee is not responsible for any injury, loss or other mishaps sustained by any participants during the tournament.

3. Participants must be prepared to play 3 or more matches in a day with a minimum of 30 minutes rest only.

4. The minimum number of entries shall be 5. The event shall be cancelled if not enough entries are received and refund will be made.

5. All events shall be played on a knockout system.

6. The format of play shall be as follows:


Best of 3 tie break sets. Tie-break at 6 games all.

Prize: As Advertised


Pro-set first to reach 9 games with tiebreak at 8 games all.

Prize: Trophy - for Champion and Runner up

7.The No-Ad scoring system will apply for this tournament.

8. No umpires will be provided for all events. In case of dispute, referee should be informed immediately. Protests will not be entertained after a match is completed.

9. Inclement weather, the referee shall inform all players to dry their courts when the rain stops. Should any player fail to report 15 minutes after the announcement is made the player will be defaulted (i.e. concedes a walk-over). No appeal will be accepted.

10. Match schedules will be e-mailed to all participants and be posted over the web. Players who do not receive the draw 5 days before the tournament should e-mail or call Tournament Director (11 am – weekdays only). The tournament committee reserves the right to rescheduled match times and format of play as needed. All players are advised that the rescheduled matches may include tournament participation on or during subsequent weekend(s). It is the player's responsibility to contact the referee for the rescheduled match times. Change of schedule will not be made at the request of players.

11. Players must sign in at the tournament desk and be ready to play at their scheduled time. Players will be defaulted if they are not ready to play 15 minutes within their schedule time, if a court is available. No appeal will be accepted.

12. No coaching is allowed. Communication of any kind, audible or visible between player and a coach or concerned party shall be construed as coaching. The referee has the discretion to ask any member of the public to move away from the courts if a complaint is received. The player will be defaulted if coaching continues after being advised by referee.

13. On-site alternates: Players who missed the entry deadline may appear at the tournament site at their own risk to fill a no-show vacancy. Subject to the acceptance of the tournament committee.

14. Entry fees will only be refunded if withdrawals are made in writing before the entry deadline.

15. Entry forms must only be completed by the players. No other person shall complete the form on the player’s behalf. Any discrepancy on the entry form shall cause the player to be defaulted immediately. No appeal is allowed.

16. All players must be properly attired. The referee shall advise players to comply with the ITF Dress Code. If persists, the player shall be disallowed to play his/her match.

17. Medical Time-Out: No qualified medical personnel will be in attendance. The referee shall allow the player to be treated by any person selected by him. Injury time-out is 3 minutes only.

18. Warm-up: 5 minutes only.

19. To check your time and order of play :Please click here

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